the silent tongue that outrage made (I am going to write a bad novel called that)


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welcome to my id – an unedited outpouring of ideas and spelling mistakes. 

If only there was a set of graphs that could map out potential offence versus probability of laughter. What a lot of bother that would save censors and comedians. “Mr Carr, your jokes have been fed in and the reading suggests you may increase the level of offence by 0.5, but it has rejected your gag about Amish sex”.

Happily, no such mathematical assistant exists, and we must rely on human judgement. This system, too, is flawed, and can make quite the wrong call in both directions. Sometimes gags are censored due to overly imagining offence caused or because a vocal, fundamentalist minority are seen as the representatives of a much larger cultural group. Sometimes it fails due to lack of empathy and forethought. The equation must also add distance of time from event, hence the comedians…

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