The day ater the magic wore off…


The Day after the Magic wore off.

Let me share with you a mistake I once made. It ruined 15 years of someone’s life.

I managed a very busy city centre pub in Manchester. One day, my 2nd chef called in sick, so rather than call someone in from a day off, I worked the kitchen myself. From about 8pm, I was on my own & we received a load of orders…One was for a tomato & mozzarella penne dish amongst others. I rushed & pulled the wrong dish from the fridge & served a vegetarian of 15 years a chicken pasta dish by mistake.

To say she was upset was an understatement. After an hour of throwing up in the loo, she demanded the address of our head office to make a formal complaint. I had already offered to waive the cost of the meal for the party of 6 (I’d of had to pay, as it was my stock & I prided myself on good stock levels) and replace the dish concerned, but she was having none of it.

I duly gave her the details, paid for the meals & went about running my pub.

A week later, my area manger dropped in to tell me that the complaint had been received and that head office had sent her £30 in vouchers. As I’d already told him what had happened, he wasn’t that bothered, but head office had asked him to just have a look at the kitchen & make certain that proper procedures were in place to stop it happening again.

It never happened again, as far as I’m aware, in any other of their pubs.

OK, we all make mistakes, but as a professional, responsible for the incomes of organisations at the end of each season, Our referees take more than average stick, week in, week out from us fans. In the main, they get most of the decisions spot on, but then, Even though he’s no longer a referee, along comes Steve Ganson…

Have any of you NOT made a mistake at work? Did you get fired or resign because of it? Especially if it was a job you really love and desperately want to help improve the experience for others.

I honestly believe Steve Ganson to be sorry about what happened. He is, after all, and despite evidence to the contrary, human. Even as a Hull KR fan, it’s done, gone & in the past.

I think Steve should carry on behind his desk for a while & not bother sitting in the video ref seat until such time as the RFL have had a good chance to look at what went wrong and put things in place to ensure it can’t happen again.

On the subject of video ref’s, either we have them at every game, as per the NRL or we get rid of them completely. Given the low number of mistakes that are actually made by the ref’s, I don’t mind either way…I do like the anticipation of a pending decision on the big screen, but more often than not, it’s the same decision the on field judge already made.

Perhaps we should go for two refs like the NRL? Would that make those baying for Mr Ganson’s blood feel better?

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun


Let’s face it. Mistakes get made. We have to accept that & just get on with it. As unhappy as Craig Sandercock & Neil Hudgell are, it won’t change the decision & who knows, perhaps Hull FC would have gone on to score anyway. We’ll never know.

Now, Magic weekend…

Once again, it was glorious weather in Manchester for 7 great games of rugby league at the Etihad stadium. Loads of fans mixing together outside, before finding their tribal area inside & cheering a side to victory.

Entertainment outside the stadium was a little more subdued than last year, but still there was plenty for fans of all ages to look at and try out.

There were one or two oddities though. Tetley’s are a named sponsor of Super League, yet the only bitter available in the ground was John Smiths. Surely, someone at either the RFL or Tetley could have arranged to sell at least some of the stuff in or around the ground…

The entertainment between games was as usual, fun. This year, another named sponsor (Foxy Bingo) had fans zorbing up the pitch to try and see who was fastest. All good fun along with the Irn Bru t-shirt gun, firing them into the crowd.

Oh, the games? Well, what can I say? Leaving aside all the other stuff, the match of the weekend for me was easily Salford V Widnes.

It went back & forward and was in the balance for the full 80. It had a lot of passion from fans and really started the second day off with a bang. From there, the day just got better and better…

So, please, we know that the Etihad has next year to run, but PLEASE can it stay as a permanent home? & can we have some decent been on sale inside of the ground? Fosters is just awful…


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