Diary of a Rugby League World Cup volunteer


OK, I’m not a “confirmed” volunteer yet, but the interview went OK. All I care about is that If i do become one of the chosen few, I get to see some real world-class rugby league, make certain everyone has a great time and is safe and England lift the trophy come the end of November at Old Trafford. I also hope it’s a sell out.

For too long the game has been seen as the bastard son of rugby union and played 2nd fiddle to most other sports in the UK, and to be fair, because of the geographical restrictions, its been historically difficult to get it noticed outside of the M62 corridor. Yes, the venerable BBC have always offered some sort of platform, but until Sky came along, it was still relegated to the odd challenge cup game and results on your local BBC news.

These days, there are media outlets fighting for the rights to show our game! Not only UK games but the NRL as well. All if this shows me that the game of rugby league is in the best health it’s ever been. Crowds on average are up, viewing figures are up and we have people like Dr Marwan Koukash pumping money into Salford and making bids for the brightest and best talents the game has to offer, Brian Barwick, who knows more about running sports than most have forgotten, is now at Red Hall and determined to give the greatest game a bigger national profile.

I can honestly say, as a fan of the game, it’s never looked rosier. The fans are always going to enjoy a good moan about the standards of the men in the middle & those who are running their club, but we all still turn up, pay our money, buy our sports channel subscriptions and watch as athletes put their body on the line for 80 minutes, week in week out.

Now, Along with many others, I’ve applied to work at Salford City reds in a part-time basis as a presenter on the game day team, interviewing past and present players, running quizzes and generally making the City Reds a great family place to come when the team are playing at home. I can always give my mate Pete who looks after the ents for the RFL via P10 Productions a call to help out with booking things and asking where to source items to help make pre and post game time at the City Reds the ONLY place to be.

I intend that this will be my ONLY rugby league blog, and the only place I’ll be telling people what I’m up to at the Rugby League World Cup, both as a fan & a volunteer.

If you want to buy tickets, head here:


I can also be followed on twitter! @Andie99uk


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